connect your boat

clickahoy connects your boat to your smartphone
complete control: always see the current battery and fuel level in the clickahoy app
a secure feeling: have a look at the location of your boat at any time
enhanced comfort: lock and unlock your boat without the need for a key
peace of mind: receive alerts when your boat leaves its anchoring position or gets filled up with water after a storm
immediate assistance: use the concierge service to swap out an empty battery, order a crate of beer before you start, or get the boat from the buoy to the harbor
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the seaborne computer

Our seaborne computer allows you to transfer a variety of useful data from your boat to your smartphone. This gives you a completely new dimension of security, control and evaluation.


see at any time and no matter where you are where your boat is and if it has been moved


open and close the boat with the app. more security for your boat and no more key handovers for shared use


analyze and optimize your driving behavior and thereby save money


check your fuel level and the condition of your battery, making sure your boat is always available when you need it


benefit from extended functionality by continuous "over-the-air" updates

the clickahoy app

Battery Status

Be constantly connected to your boat and monitor its battery.


Always see where your boat is and receive additional navigation assistance.

Fuel Level

Monitor your fuel usage and ensure that your boat is always ready to go.

Concierge Services

Quickly interact with local shipyards, restaurants on the lake, and more.

Journey History

See who used your boat at which time and how much fuel they used.

Keyless Unlocking

Simply share your boat with family and friends using keyless unlocking.

install the seaborne computer and the clickahoy app

  1. order your clickahoy seaborne computer
  2. take the seaborne on your boat at the next occasion and install it using our plug and play system
    (if you worry about installing the clickahoy seaborne computer yourself, just ask your mechanic and he will help you)
  3. download the clickahoy mobile app from your app store and connect it to the seaborne
  4. get data of your boat and experience new horizons
  5. benefit from continuous improvements and new innovations

preorder your clickahoy seaborne computer

  • location tracking
  • battery and fuel level on your smartphone
  • anchoring alerts
  • concierge service

  • CHF 240.- one-time fee for the computer
  • first year for CHF 60.- instead of CHF 150.-
  • extra early supporter package
  • CHF 150.-/year from second year on

* Placing a preorder is completely non-binding. In due time, we will contact you with a concrete offer, which might differ in the exact price or content. By preordering you show us your interest in the product at the indicated price . Thank you!