What does the clickahoy seaborne computer provide me with?

In its first version, the clickahoy seaborne computer automatically tracks your boat's location, its battery status, fuel level (if available), and lets you unlock your boat using the app. In addition, the app shows you news from the nautical sector, gives you access to a range of boating-related maps, lets you share journeys you took with friends, and provides a direct link to your mechanic, your boat manufacturer and your seller.

How can I install the clickahoy seaborne computer?

Installing the clickahoy seaborne computer is easy. Simply follow the instructions in the manual that we send you, connect it to your app, and be ready to experience a digitized form of boating. If you worry, let us know if we should send someone over or tell us the name of your shipyard so we can contact them directly.

When will it be available?

The clickahoy seaborne computer will be available starting Q2 2020.

How much will it cost?

You decide what kind of captain you are:

Who's behind it?

We originally started the boat sharing platform ship-ahoy.ch, and are now expanding into the digitization sector to bring you a new and modern boating experience.