clickahoy connects your boat to your smartphone
Complete Control
Always know your boat's battery and fuel levels.
Tracking & Warnings
Monitor the location of your boat at all times. Observe what is happening around you and receive warnings.
Digital Logbook
Track the consumption and usage of your boat.
Peace of Mind
Receive alerts when your boat leaves its anchoring position.
Simplified Interactions
Facilitate the connection with your shipyard of trust.
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Our seaborne computer transfers a variety of useful data from your boat to your smartphone for a completely new dimension of security, control and comfort.


Check your boat's location from anywhere in the world at any time.


Analyze and optimize your driving behavior and use it to save money.


Benefit from extended functionality by continuous software updates.


Check your fuel level and the condition of your battery, making sure your boat is always available when you need it.

Battery Status

Be constantly connected to your boat and monitor its battery.


Always see where your boat is and receive additional navigation assistance.

Fuel Level

Monitor your fuel usage and ensure that your boat is always ready to go.

Concierge Services

Quickly interact with local shipyards, restaurants on the lake, and more.

Journey History

See who used your boat at which time and how much fuel they used.

Multiple Boats

Simply switch between multiple boats directly in the app.

For Partners / Wharves & Boat Rentals

Outfitting your fleet with clickahoy seaborne saves you cost and troubles and lets you monitor your fleet 24/7.


Have access to all previous trips any of the boats undertook.

real-time notifications

Get notified in real-time when a boat enters a forbidden zone, is speeding, runs out of fuel, and more.

all your boats

Have all your boats conveniently under supervision.

additional sensors

Add temperature and flow sensors, or monitor the 220V land supply of your boats.

order your clickahoy seaborne computer

  • location tracking
  • battery and fuel level on your smartphone
  • realtime navigation and alerts
  • concierge service

  • You will receive the seaborne-computer directly from the dealer or the shipyard you trust. He will offer you the device plus installation one time.
  • extra early supporter package