What does the clickahoy seaborne computer provide me with?

The clickahoy seaborne computer automatically tracks your boat's location, gives you an overview of your past trips, analyzes your consumption, its battery status and the fuel level. In addition, you will become part of the platform and benefit from various offers from partners, simplified communication with your shipyard and much more. The app will be continuously enhanced and supplemented with additional functions such as a digital key, access to a range of oating-related maps, or lets you share journeys you took with friends.

How can I install the clickahoy seaborne computer?

Installing the clickahoy seaborne computer is easy. Simply follow the instructions in the manual that we send you, connect it to your app, and be ready to experience a digitized form of boating. However, we recommend that the installation be carried out by a professional: just let us know (crew@clickahoy.com) who is the shipyard you trust and we will organise the installation for you. If your boat is already in the water or if no service is due, no problem, we will send someone to do the installation.

How much will it cost?

The seaborne will cost you a one-time fee of CHF 240 plus a small installation fee from the shipyard. For the access to the mobile app we will charge you CHF 150 per year. Further developments and new features are of course included. The fee will be charged directly to your credit card.

Who's behind it?

clickahoy is marine-tech startup based in Zurich.

We originally started the boat sharing platform ship-ahoy.ch, and are now expanding into the digitization sector to bring you a new and modern boating experience. Our vision is that in the future only smart boats will cross the water. In the future, no boat will be marketed without being part of the clickahoy, which leads to a new dimension of boating experience.

Christian Fehr & Dominik Bucher, founders and managing directors